Product Detail
Ultrasonic water meter
Ultrasonic water meter
Model: LXZY1000
Specifications: DN15/20/25
Communication: M-bus
Original: 0.00

Product Introduction

Ultrasonic water meter is used to measure, store and display water flow measurement instruments, wireless remote series of ultrasonic water meter, for the battery-powered and installed on-site environment complex features, carefully adjusted by professional and technical personnel, with stable and reliable data transmission, communication distance Far, good penetration characteristics, and further expand the scope of wireless remote technology applications;


1. In line with the national standard "GBT 778-2007 closed pipe water flow measurement of drinking cold water meter and hot water meter", the test procedure "JJG162-2009 cold water meter" and industry standard "CJ / T 434-2013 ultrasonic water meter"

2. The nation's leading ultra-high range than 400: 1

3. Measuring body without moving parts, no wear, measurement accuracy is not affected by the use of the cycle

4. Built-in battery, the machine power consumption is very low, the average operating current <6uA

5. With MBUS interface, infrared interface, wireless interface, data remote management and management

6. Product protection class up to IP68

7. Can be horizontal, vertical installation, construction convenience

Product parameters


DN15   DN20  DN25  DN32  DN40

Accuracy level

Level 2

Maximum working pressure(MPa)


Maximum pressure loss(MPa)


Flow meter form

Ultrasonic flowmeter

Communication Interface

Infrared, M-BUS, RS485, wireless

Temperature range (℃)


Temperature resolution (℃)


Ambient temperature (℃)


Temperature Sensor

Default (optional)

Battery Life

≥ 6 years (high-energy lithium battery)

Protection class


Installation method

Horizontal, vertical installation