Product Detail
Three-phase simple (multi-function) rail table
Model: DTS1000
Specifications: 3X10(40)A
Communication: RS485
Original: 0.00

Product Introduction:

DTS1000 rail energy meter is our company using microelectronics technology and special large-scale integrated circuits, digital sampling processing technology and SMT technology and other advanced technology developed three-phase active energy meter.

    The table can directly measure the rated frequency of 50HZ three-phase AC power grid in the functional power consumption, the table 7-bit LCD display power consumption, with good reliability, small size, light weight, beautiful appearance, easy installation and other significant features, Widely used in energy efficiency monitoring terminal metering points, need to save space for the environment and so on.


● 35mm DIN standard rail mounting, or board front mounting (mounting hole center distance 63mm).

● Standard configuration 6 + 1 bit display.

● RS485 communication function.

● Standard configuration S-type wiring (bottom into the line, the top outlet), direct access to use, select CT access and PT & CT access to use.

● 6 LEDs indicate the phase power status (yellow, green, red) and the power pulse signal (white), respectively. Yellow COM. Indicates for RS485 communication.

Customize functions

Optional data gateway, to achieve the background prepaid; 10 (40) A can choose internal power, remote control function.

Product parameters:





 Reference current


 Power consumption

≤1.0W 5VA (voltage circuit), ≤1VA (Ib) (current loop)

 Ambient temperature

-15℃ - +55℃

 Extreme ambient temperature

-25℃ - +70℃

 Relative humidity


 Product life

More than 10 years


About 110g


125mm X 88mm X 68mm