Product Detail
Single-phase simple(multi-function) rail table
Model: DDS1000
Communication: RS485
Original: 0.00

Product Introduction:

DDS1000 rail energy meter is our latest research and development of a new single-phase electronic energy metering products. The product complies with GB / T17215.321-2008, for the reference voltage of 220V, frequency 50HZ single-phase AC active energy measurement. Product voltage range, high reliability, long life, high precision, low power consumption, and has anti-tampering function. The use of rail-type structure design, small size, easy installation, the use of standard 35mm rail mounting universal interface, can be widely used in energy efficiency monitoring terminal measurement points, space-saving environment and so on.


● measurement of positive and negative active energy, the cumulative total energy.

● 6 + 1-bit step-by-step counter to record the accumulated power, optional 6 + 1-bit LCD display.

● Power pulse indication, power indication function.

● 35mm DIN rail or board mounting.

● with a way RS485 communication interface, with a way of active power pulse output.

● Voltage signal power supply, no auxiliary power supply.

Customize functions

Optional data gateway, to achieve the background prepaid; 10 (40) A can choose internal power, remote control function.

Product parameters:


220V/230V ±20%



 Reference current

10(60)A    20(80)A

 Power consumption

≤1.0W 5VA (voltage circuit), ≤1VA (Ib) (current loop)

 Ambient temperature

-15℃ - +55℃

 Extreme ambient temperature

-25℃ - +70℃

 Relative humidity


 Product life

More than 10 years


About 110g


90mm X 66mm X 18mm