Product Detail
Double-controlled multi-control intelligent energy meter
Double-controlled multi-control intelligent energy meter
Model: DTZY1000
Communication: RS485
Original: 0.00

Product Description:

Dual-meter multi-control table to achieve an independent measurement of two active energy, independent control of three-way electricity, four circuit output of the unique function, all the way to control the lighting, all the way to control the toilet lighting and socket, another way to control the air conditioning circuit, Occasions, and both automatic settlement of electricity, vicious load identification and control, remote recharge and other functions. Can be widely used in schools, staff quarters, apartments, shops and so on.


● Product performance in line with "colleges and universities campus building energy efficiency supervision system construction technical guidelines" (Jianke 2009,163) in the relevant provisions.

● four-loop power were accurately measured, can be set up different electricity prices.

● Remote prepaid and local prepaid options, remote control can participate in local prepaid mode.

● Three-loop time control can be set to meet the user three-way stop power requirements.

● Malicious load identification function does not depend on the network, the malicious load module built-in meter, independent of the campus smart meter to achieve.

● SMS alarm function can be used to remind users to recharge in a timely manner.

● Application switching power supply dynamic zero crossing as a national patent, eliminate the arc of the relay damage, improve product life.

 Customize functions

Optional infrared remote control card, to achieve local fee control function; optional infrared remote control sub-card, the power off control; allow the use of overdraft card, the next payment before the amount of overdraft check; optional collection equipment, Prepaid management function. Optional SMS alarm function, promptly remind the user to purchase electricity.

Product parameters:

  Reference voltage220V
  Reference current10(40)A、5(60)A
  AccuracyLevel 1, Level 2, Double Metering Loop
  Control loop1 way, 2 way, 3 way optional