Product Detail
Double - controlled dual - control intelligent energy meter
Double - controlled dual - control intelligent energy meter
Model: DDZY1000
Communication: RS485
Original: 0.00

Product Description:

    Dual-meter dual-use meter with high-precision measurement chip and powerful MCU chip, with two-way two-way control of the intelligent cost control function, the equivalent of two intelligent meters. The table has a high precision measurement, intelligent fee control, automatic settlement of electricity, vicious load identification and control, time setting control, power hoarding, remote recharge and other functions, is to achieve pre-paid intelligent power management one of the best products. Can be widely used in schools, staff quarters, apartments, shops and so on.


● Product performance in line with "colleges and universities campus building energy efficiency supervision system construction technical guidelines" (Jianke 2009,163) in the relevant provisions.

● Record the total active energy (A road + B road), and can record A road active energy and B road active energy.

● can detect the current voltage, two current, two active power, two apparent active power, two power factor, power frequency and other electrical parameters.

● With the magnetic holding relay, remote command can be sent through the remote control.

● Malicious load identification function does not depend on the network, the malicious load module built-in meter, independent of the campus smart meter to achieve.

● can be set in the set of two independent control of electricity, according to the agreed time to turn off the power.

● SMS alarm function can be used to remind users to recharge in a timely manner.

● successful and campus energy-saving monitoring platform and campus card system docking, to achieve data platform.

● Application switching power supply dynamic zero crossing as a national patent, eliminate the arc of the relay damage, improve product life.

Customize functions

Optional infrared remote control card, to achieve local fee control function; optional infrared remote control sub-card, the power off control; allow the use of overdraft card, the next payment before the amount of overdraft check; optional collection equipment, Prepaid management function. Optional SMS alarm function, promptly remind the user to purchase electricity.

Product parameters:

  Reference voltage220V
  Reference current10(40)A、5(60)A
  Starting current≤0.4%Ib
  Power consumption≤1.5W 10VA
  Data communicationInfrared,RS485
  Power pulse width80±20mS