Customer Service Commitment

Quality, system, comprehensive, efficient service is the development of the company based on the guiding ideology, the formation of "customer-core to the quality of the first life of the enterprise" service concept, developed a "standardized management system, strict process control, Product quality, to achieve customer satisfaction, "the quality policy, adhere to the" user first "principle, to build a good sales service system, to provide customers with high quality pre-sale, sales and after-sales service.

First, pre-sale service

The company's professional comprehensive, meticulous and rigorous pre-sale services, customers can choose to provide guidance and guidance, so that customers choose more reliable and more reliable, more thorough understanding of customer needs.

Ø customers to buy products, we will conduct a comprehensive technical communication with customers, according to the number of customer demand and investment scale, equipment selection and program offer, to provide professional and technical selection guidance, recommend the most practical solutions and equipment The

Ø Invite customers to factory inspection, free courier, fax or e-mail, etc. to provide product brochures, operating instructions and other technical information, to provide customers with more efficient product information.

Ø provide trial test equipment, we will provide accurate and accurate test data for your reference.

Ø site inspection - to lead customers to visit our customers to visit the scene.

Ø Actively participate in various technical exchange meetings before customer project implementation.

Second, the sale of services

The goal of the company's sales service is to provide customers with the most cost-effective solution, enhance the customer experience, reflect the specificity of customized programs, experienced, highly professional service personnel according to a variety of different environmental conditions for customers to provide targeted , Personalized service.

Ø Provide relevant technical information to help solve the design, installation and operation of the technical problems, difficult problems.

Ø For the free training of the demand side, maintenance personnel.

Ø Provide all the technical information to meet the different needs of customers using different departments.

Ø site guidance installation, commissioning, the quality of responsibility in the end, the user service in the end.

Ø free of charge for the user after the operation of the operation and maintenance technology business training.

Ø Assist clients in the development of a series of equipment and application management systems related to the solution.

Third, after-sales service

The company has always believed that after-sales service is the most important part of sales, the company to expand market share, improve customer satisfaction, enhance the company's brand, improve the product an important part of the enterprise is reflected in the fundamental integrity.

Ø rapid response mechanism, received a customer phone, 10 minutes to be answered, given the treatment program.

Ø After-sales service personnel according to service requirements in the user's time required to rush to the customer site.

Ø Long-term provision of spare parts, more than the warranty period only charge the necessary material cost.

Ø Provide lifelong consulting services, regular on-site technical services and occasional written return service quality.

Ø According to the customer database targeted to run the equipment for long-term tracking.

Ø Provide a variety of emergency treatment plans to ensure that customer equipment, the normal operation of the system.

Ø set up the national 400 telephone, enterprise QQ service, email contact, the establishment of customer service centers around the various forms of complaints channels, supervision of service quality, handling customer complaints.

We solemnly promise: "users are not satisfied, the service does not stop"

Company technology and after-sales service hotline: 400-005-1611