Development path

The company always adhere to independent innovation, research and development of a series of independent intellectual property rights, to the international advanced level of energy measurement products.

1989 began to engage in electronic energy meter, electronic remote meter technology research and development.

1992 electronic prepaid energy meter and management system research and development success and to the market, becoming the first to launch electronic prepaid power meter one of the enterprises.

1997 and the well-known domestic carrier chip suppliers, engaged in the development of carrier energy meter, the same year to carry out pre-paid water meter and remote meter development.

1999 and international well-known chip manufacturers, non-contact infrared remote control pre-paid energy meter R & D success, becoming the largest infrared remote control pre-paid energy meter production base.

Launched in 2006 covered cable (485, M-bus) remote meter, wireless remote meter series remote meter.

2007 independent intelligent fee control terminal R & D success, high count high control, high meter and low control, low count low control and other series of charges control device application market.

2009 launched a series of cost control smart meters, dual-mode communication technology application of energy meter; the same year with a malicious load to identify the series of school energy meter R & D success.

2010 in the transmission of infrared technology based on the introduction of remote and local combination of smart meters.

2012 began to direct reading water meter research and development work, the pilot application success.

2013 strategic positioning for the Internet of things, large data, cloud computing, global energy interconnection background of the new intelligent energy custom metering terminal equipment service providers.

In 2014 launched the "four tables set copy" solution.

The patented technology for relay arcing in 2015 is used in a full range of smart meters.

2016 custom "Internet + smart metering" a full range of solutions are widely used, the successful transformation.

After more than 20 years of rapid development, Shenzhen billion Ma letter Connaught Technology Co., Ltd. has become China's hydropower metering system customization industry experts.