Cooperation mode

After more than 20 years of rapid development, the company in the smart instrument R & D and remote meter reading charging system, water and electricity energy measurement, energy efficiency monitoring and management platform, and so accumulated a solid foundation in product development, technology applications, manufacturing experience, production capacity, After-sales service and other aspects of the domestic leading position.

Geographical advantages: the company is located in the country's first reform and opening up the coastal city of Shenzhen, more than 30 years to form the advantages of Shenzhen industrial agglomeration, talent, technological innovation, system innovation advantages, advanced technology advantages for the development of enterprises continue to provide the most advanced technology , The industry's top technical talent, learn from advanced management system, innovative cooperation model, to the development of enterprises invisible into the vitality.

Advantages: the company covers a full range of smart meters, intelligent water meters, data collection terminals, high and low pressure control management devices, with the ability to integrate industry resources, the country can achieve "four table copy" one of the manufacturers.

Technical advantages: independent innovation, research and development with independent intellectual property rights, to achieve the international advanced level of energy metering products, the earliest research electronic energy meter enterprises; domestic earlier engaged in remote meter reading technology research enterprises; the earliest in the prepaid technology research and development And the first to introduce products widely used in power grid enterprises; is the earliest infrared communication technology used in the energy meter business; first master "to control the water" technology and product development success; absorb all kinds of excellent cost control smart meter program, R & D characteristics of the set of remote and local one of the cost control smart meter; different environment, the meter used in the hanging up to more than 16 years.

Quality: through the GB / T 19001-2008 "quality management system", GB / T 24001-2004 "environmental management system", GB / T28001-2011 "occupational health and safety management system" certification, access to the State Administration of Quality Supervision issued "Quality continuous qualified and assured brand title", to obtain different authority of the testing and certification.

Service advantages: adhering to the "customer first, service first; customers are not satisfied with the service does not stop" concept, sales service network throughout the country more than 30 provinces and cities set up branches and offices for customers to provide fast, Localization services, but also for customers to provide data hosting, remote online services, 24 hours nationwide 400 free telephone counseling services.

Innovative advantages: both to meet the power grid companies, water companies and other industry users of intelligent instrument functional requirements; by virtue of years and other industry customers close contact, in-depth exchanges, and constantly accumulate the use of experience, fully understand the troubles and problems of different customers; A large number of professional personnel in the field of expertise, accurate grasp of customer needs, in different areas to provide a variety of applicable solutions, groundbreaking combination of different products, the formation of a variety of personalized custom program.