SEPG project
IHC project
Poly Cultural Square Project
SEPG project

SEPG Staff dormitory project - billion Ma letter promise smart apartment electricity monitoring solutions

1, background overview:

SEPG, under the Sumitomo Electric Industrial Co., Ltd., and Sony, Sanyo, Panasonic, IBM, Sharp, Apple and other well-known companies have close cooperation for the Customs Class A business. Under the guidance of the "Sumitomo Business Spirit" and "Sumitomo Electric Group's business philosophy" which lasted for 400 years so far, Sumitomo Life Department requested real-time monitoring of the electricity consumption of A and B staff quarters, Regular data statistical analysis, remote fee control and other functions, the company tailored for the staff quarters / apartment power management solutions, 2016 project acceptance and delivery.

2, the program equipment, system structure:

Hardware configuration: custom single-phase smart meter, acquisition terminal, data concentrator

Software configuration: YM-AMI intelligent electricity information collection system

3, to solve the user's actual concern:

L realize remote meter reading, monitoring function, collecting current, voltage, power and other electricity data information;

The scheme can realize the network prepaid management.

L rich report query design user-friendly multi-angle statistical analysis of electricity data and graphical analysis show.

Later can achieve the wisdom of the apartment other equipment access, such as mobile phone APP query function.

IHC project

Zhonghai letter headquarters base IHC science and technology park project ---  Y.M.sino customized wisdom of the park power control program

1, background overview:

IHC is based on the experience of 13 years of operating industry carrier, learn from the advanced experience of world-class park to the world's leading standards to create a new category of industrial carriers, is listed on the SME listing service complex, is the first by the Shenzhen Municipal Government that " Enterprises listed to cultivate base ". 2016 by virtue of the strong strength of the successful bidder in the Hisense headquarters base intelligent electricity management system construction project, representing the Division I designed the official application of the management program Hisense Group, the project includes the construction drawings design, on-site installation and commissioning, the system master station structures; The company has been recognized by the market and the user, and has established a model project in the energy management of the National Intelligent Functional Technology Park.

Headquarters base map

2, the program equipment, system structure:

Hardware configuration: single-phase, three-phase cost control smart energy meter (independent property rights)

Software configuration: YM-AMI intelligent electricity tariff management platform

(Site construction commissioning)

3, functional characteristics and user needs response:

The program uses all the intelligent control of electricity meter, through the wired network to achieve a remote and local recharge, meter reading monitoring, network prepaid and other functions, the program fully affirmed the owners, to achieve the following functions:

L network failure sudden failure can be local recharge infrared card to ensure that the owners of normal electricity.

L pull out the card can be stopped to control, to facilitate maintenance and special circumstances pull the closing operation;

L Overdraft card allows emergency use in non-normal circumstances, taking into account the user's special emergency needs.

B / S architecture of the intelligent power management system Main features:

L property management embedded system, a variety of costs together to collect and manage;

L rich query format, statistical format, so that the financial more refined monitoring.

L application of mobile Internet technology, reserved WeChat query, WeChat payment interface.

L and energy efficiency monitoring platform seamless docking, to achieve intelligent management of the park, energy efficiency monitoring.

The program is the company for many years for different users to provide a variety of customized solutions to the accumulation of experience, fully embodies the "human nature fee simplification management" program design concept, for the user to think, the urgency of urgency, both human services, management change More simple, passive into the initiative, in order to achieve the wisdom of a science and technology park energy interconnection, cloud computing, network prepaid management to lay a solid foundation, enrich the property steward service concept connotation.

Poly Cultural Square Project

Prepaid integrated management solution

1, the project background overview:

Shenzhen Poly Culture Square is one of the projects of affiliated enterprises of China Poly Group (the world's top 500 enterprises) approved by the State Council and the Central Military Commission. It is the first "cultural marketing" in Shenzhen, which integrates culture, entertainment, department store and supermarket , Catering, bars and other formats in one of the large-scale integrated shopping center, Poly Plaza represents the "an era of cultural tolerance, a city's commercial height." Poly Real Estate Management Co., Ltd. in the user electricity monitoring, comprehensive fee management and other aspects of the urgent needs of the investigation by many times, select the billion Ma Xunuo comprehensive prepaid comprehensive management system as a solution, I am responsible for the supply of equipment, Engineering construction, system commissioning and so on.

2, the program equipment, system structure:

Hardware configuration: single-phase, three-phase pre-paid energy meter (application of national patent technology),

Software configuration: YM-CCM integrated charge management system

3, an effective solution to the user's actual electricity management needs:

L local prepaid management, rapid return of electricity funds to solve the problem of charging;

L non-contact infrared recharge method, the user easy to operate, safe;

L power control settings, eliminating overload safety hazards;

Equipment and stable operation for many years, I will be Secretary of Germany and Germany DTK company developed a boutique intelligent metering equipment to be market testing, heritage of China "artisan spirit" to create the ultimate product, intentions for the user service is the company has consistently adhered to business philosophy.

4, similar customer application classic case: (Wangfujing Department Store, Wanda Plaza, Suning Appliance, Baolong City Plaza, Greenland Group, etc.)